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Having trouble finding the right bar stool to complete your dining area? Looking for something sleek yet comfortable? Or maybe something that brings you back to your childhood days with the traditional decor of rattan? Oldie but goldie as they say, it is true that rattan is making a comeback and we can vouch for that here at Chic Est. Made from high quality wood, rattan, and lightweight steel for easy handling. Come explore our top 6 stylishly chic dining stools with us.

Enzersdorf Stool

With a comfortable cushion base and a timeless design, our Enzersdorf stool gives you a commercial bar stool look that most homeowners desire. It also offers back support that is good for those looking to sit on their bar stools for a good amount of time. The fabric material, made from a high-quality material also gives you the nice and classy look for your home.

Seattle Stool

Our Seattle Stool features a great seat height measurement of 750mm designed for your comfort. Back support is something that we really emphasize here hence why we believe that our stool is as comfortable as our dining chair except higher. Its durability is also another key point for its popularity.

Whangerei Rattan Stool

Features a traditional design yet trendy rattan backrest making us all feeling nostalgic of our childhood days or going back to our hometown. With its sturdy mild steel leg and the comfortable rattan backrest, looking exclusively chic no matter the occasion. For maximum satisfaction, this is also a must try in our showroom.

Tulln Stool

With its adjustability feature, you can adjust the height according to your comfort to fit each individuals’ height. Not just that, it also swivels, with its 360 degrees swivel ability, you can reach and move to any direction you desire. But do note that as fun as it is, excessive swivel movement can cause dizziness and chances of falling is high.

Bandung Rattan Stool


If you’re into natural-earth tone concept for your home, this might be it for your bar dining area. With trendy timeless rattan backseat design, imagine just how beautiful your dining area is. Using only the finest and high-quality rubberwood and rattan, this is a must steal for those loving the natural aesthetics.

London Rattan Stool

Well crafted for your bar dining area, made of only the highest quality of rattan and designed specifically for your comfort. Our London Rattan Stool looks elegantly posh with a traditional twist of rattan. Look no further as we have a variety of high-quality stools with a little zest of freshness.  

Now that you have seen what we have to offer, do check us out or come and visit our showroom today! Don't miss out on our bundle deals happening everyday online and in-store. 

Afifah Afizal
Afifah Afizal

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